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Palestinian gunmen in Beit Hanoun
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IDF soldiers
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Gilad Shalit
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Al-Quds Brigades: We killed 4 collaborators

Islamic Jihad's military wing reports that gunmen belonging to group kidnapped, murdered four Palestinians who aided Israel as part of IDF operation in Beit Hanoun. Meanwhile, PRC spokesman sends message to Gilad Shalit's family through Ynet: 'Foolish Olmert is endangering your son through these operations'

GAZA STRIP - Gunmen from the al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad's military wing, claimed Sunday evening that they had kidnapped and murdered four Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel and spying on gunmen in the Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun.


The Brigades gunmen reported that the four were captured while neutralizing explosive devices placed by the gunmen in order to hurt Israel Defense Forces soldiers operating in the area.


Activists of all the organizations believe that the IDF operation has united them against Israel. The disputes have been left behind.


Not far from Beit Hanoun, in a very old building, sat a group of the Salah al-Din Brigades, the Popular Resistance Committees' military wing. In spite of the siege on Beit Hanoun, they managed to leave the area, closely following the battles. They also had a message for Gilad Shalit's family.


"The message is that no military solution will release Gilad Shalit," the organization's spokesman, Muhammad Abu Alal, also known as Abu Abir, sad in a meeting with Ynet correspondent.

One of 'collaborators' led through Gaza streets (Photo: AFP)


According to the spokesman, "Not only will the IDF fail to release your son, but foolish Olmert is also endangering your son through this actions and causing damages to the chance of a deal through which he will be released."


"If Olmert wants your son back, he must face the fact that the resistance has one and agree to the kidnappers' demands. Gilad Shalit will not be released without Palestinian prisoners, and not prisoners Israel chooses to release, but rather prisoners who will be freed according to the criteria set by the resistance organizations involved in the kidnapping.


"We can continue to hide Shalit forever, and vow to continue to launch rockets as long as the occupation continues and the enemy's operations and crimes continue."


Members of the group, headed by the organization's spokesman, left Beit Hanoun early Sunday.

"The situation in Beit Hanoun is very, very difficult," the spokesman admitted.


Members of the group received updates through their communicators about what was happening in Beit Hanoun, and were encouraged over the implications of the operation in the intra-Palestinian arena.


"We are members of one nation dealing with one enemy which does not distinguish between us, and our weapons should only be directed at the Zionist enemy. I hope that this will put an end to the internal struggles we oppose so much," the spokesman said.


But in your threats you promised a cemetery for soldiers, and it seems that the Israeli army has nonetheless hit you badly.


PRC spokesman: "One must remember that Beit Hanoun is an agricultural and open town, so the operating conditions in it are not simple.


"However, there is harsh resistance there of all the Palestinian organizations, but we are talking about war and about losses and about a cemetery for Israeli soldiers inside the Strip, not at the edges of the Strip here in Beit Hanoun, like what is happening now. If they come, this is what they'll learn."

IDF operates in Beit Hanoun (Photo: Reuters)


Don't you feel that you also bear responsibility for this operation, for the killing and destruction caused because of the rocket fire?


"The Zionist enemy does not need excuses, and the rockets are not an excuse. The Beit Hanoun operation is mainly aimed at covering the failure in Lebanon and the corruption affairs in which the Israeli leaders are drowning.


"This is a dismal attempt to release Gilad Shalit, but none of these objectives will be achieved. The resistance won't stop, the fire won't stop, we will not give up and Gilad Shalit won't be released."


So you have no plans to stop the fire after the operation?


"Not only will we not stop the fire, but it will increase. The fire is also continuing now, and it will soon reach the other Palestinian cities occupied in 1948. They will also get what Sderot is getting. As long as the occupation and the occupation crimes continue, the rocket fire will continue."


The media report of hundreds of Palestinian killed since Gilad Shalit was kidnapped. Did it pay off?


"It's not the matter of Shalit's kidnapping, because these crimes and these invasions existed all the time, before and after Shalit. It is the Palestinian organizations' right to work to release the Palestinian prisoners, and Israel is the one delaying the deal because it is maneuvering and setting conditions which are only aimed at preventing the perception of the prisoner exchange as a Palestinian victory."


The PRC spokesman concluded by stating that his organization was determined to transfer to Gaza a rocket-producing technology.


"In a short while, just like what is happening in the Strip, we will reach a stage of long-range improved rockets, and then the Israeli losses will being and the Israeli army won’t be able to continue hiding this issue."


Abu Abir said that his organization would not hesitate to fire rockets at Israeli targets.


"As far as we are concerned, the Knesset, the government buildings, the airport are all legitimate targets. The rockets are the answer to Israel's security arrangements. They are the alternative to suicide bombings. This is the next thing and it will soon reach both the West Bank and Isral," he warned.


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