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Chief Rabbis Metzger and Amar
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MK Avshalom Vilan - text 'reminiscent of darkets times'
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Chief Rabbinate: Pray against abomination

In atypical announcement made public by Israel's Chief Rabbinate, ultra Orthodox Jews called on to pray and protest upcoming pride parade on Friday but not resort to violence. MK Vilan: Rabbis should be charged in disciplinary trial

The Chief Rabbinate addressed the upcoming pride parade set to take place this Friday in Jerusalem and called on Rabbis and their communities to "hold prayer rallies against the existence of this abominable parade."


'We trembled in horror at the news of this menacing plot devised by a minority of our lost brothers, who have agreed to do the lowest, most abominable of acts – acts which are the polar opposite of the value of modesty the nation of Israel has been blessed with.' It is with these harsh words that the Chief Rabbinate describes the pride parade due to take place Friday afternoon, apparently in an alternative venue offered by the police to representatives from the Jerusalem Open House. The parade is expected to be held in Jerusalem's National Compound (Kiryat Haleom).


The controversy so far:

- Clashes ahead of court ruling on parade

- Petitioners demand parade cancellation despite compromise

- Haredim: On the defensive for 60 years

- Ynet Poll: 2 ministers back parade


"They have dared to parade in the holy city and temple to display their rebellion against the laws of the holy Torah and human morality, embraced by the majority of the world's nations,' writes the Rabbinate, complaining of the 'crushing of the feelings of millions who hurt and grieve this desecration, fearful of the horrible dangers concealed in this sinful act against the existence of our people."


"If our prayer will not be heard (and the parade is allowed) we call for protests to be held on Friday, to express the pain and objection over harming the sanctity and purity of the nation of Israel and the defilement of the holy city," said the announcement.


The political system is already up in arms following the Rabbinate's announcement. MK Avshalom Vilan (Meretz) said "The Chief Rabbinate of Israel, bound by the civil servant code, has completely overstepped its authority. It cannot carry out this unrestrained assault against an entire public."


Vilan demands, therefore, of the Civil Service Commissioner to intervene and try the Rabbinate in a disciplinary trial. "The style of the announcement is reminiscent of attacks against Jews during the darkest times of the nation's past," says Vilan.



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