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Funeral in Beit Hanun
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IDF bulldozer in Gaza
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Gaza death toll rises to 9
Palestinians say three al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades operatives killed, seven injured in IDF strike in Beit Lahiya; in Jabaliya at least four people said injured in separate air strike, sources say

Even after the Israel Defense Forces withdrew from Beit Hanoun, attacks against targets gunmen in the Gaza Strip continue.


Palestinian sources reported that three people were killed by IDF forces in Beit Lahiya on Tuesday afternoon, bringing the death toll for the day to nine.


A local ambulance driver, Khaled Abu Saada, told Ynet: "IDF tanks are firing wildly in the area. Medical teams are no succeeding to enter
and evacuate the injured and killed. We know of three killed in the field, but we are unable to get there because tanks are firing crazily."


Islamic Jihad activists taking part in the funereal of operatives killed on Tuesday morning vowed to continue the armed struggle against Israel. "We tell the Zionists, you can kill as much as you want, but our struggle won't end."


Earlier Tuesday, sources in the Gaza Strip reported that six Palestinians were killed in two different incidents. IDF officials said three people have been hit.


Two gunmen, members of the al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad's military wing, were killed in the Beit Lahiya area. The two, aged 22 and 24, residents of the Jabalya refugee camp, were killed after a battle with soldiers from an elite IDF unit. One of the two is the son of Khaled al-Batash, an Islamic Jihad leader.


Meanwhile, the sources in the Strip reported that three Palestinians were killed after an IDF shell hit the home of Hamas lawmaker Jamila Shanti. Shanti's sister-in-law was killed, as well as another two people, including Mahmoud Abu-Khabel, a prominent member of Hamas' military wing.


The IDF left Beit Hanoun early Tuesday after completing Operation Autumn Clouds. Fifty-seven Palestinians were killed during the operation. Staff Sgt. Kerell Golenshin was killed in duty in Beit Hanoun.


On Monday night, the Palestinians reported that the forces were moving out of the northern Strip town.


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