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Haredim agree to ‘limited parade’

Ultra-Orthodox leaders decide to accept suggested gay parade compromise, will apparently not protest in Jerusalem on Friday; haredi faction heads ask police to release rioters who were arrested during demonstrations

Ultra-Orthodox leaders decided on Thursday afternoon to accept the suggested compromise regarding the gay pride parade, and will apparently not protest in Jerusalem on Friday.


Heads of the haredi factions asked the police to release the rioters who were arrested during the demonstrations, and only then they are expected to officially announce their decision.


Their decision was reached following intense deliberations between top haredi figures and Rabbi Shalom Elyashiv, leader of the ultra-Orthodox Lithuanian community, and Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.


Jerusalem district police chief Ilan Franco (Photo: Gil Yochanan)


Ultra-Orthodox community sources told Ynet of the specific conditions set by the rabbis for holding the parade: The event will take place in a confined space, and the Open House organization will not be permitted to hold any activities outside the complex. In addition, vehicles arriving at the parade venue will not carry provocative signs.


The rabbis also demanded that the Open House organization will not ask to hold another parade or similar event this year; haredi leader Rabbi Yitzhak Tuvia Weiss asked police to release the ultra-Orthodox detained during this week’s Jerusalem riots.


It seems that the rabbis' agreement will melt the haredi public's opposition to the pride parade, except for a small number of zealots who refuse to compromise.


Rabbis are awaiting an answer from Jerusalem Police chief Ilan Franco about the conditions they set.

Haredi sources said they asked police official what would the police position be should gay groups push for holding the parade in Jerusalem next year and got the following answer: "Don"t worry, we have a breakthrough."


David Zilberslag, who took part in the negotiations told Ynet: "It became clear today that master Magor is wiser than all. From the beginning he kept total silence."


The Open House said in response: "Out of our responsibility for the public we decided to hold a large demonstration at the Givat Ram stadium instead of the planned parade. Also, the Open House organization called on the haredi public to follow suit and refrain from taking part in violent riots, which are a burden to the security force."


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