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Palestinian groups: US target for terror attacks

Four militant Palestinian groups issue joint statement calling on Muslims, Palestinians everywhere to ‘mercilessly strike American targets due to US support of Israel’s crimes and massacres’

Four Palestinian organizations threatened Sunday to launch attacks on US targets in response to what they said was America’s “support of the Israeli crimes and massacres, the last of which occurred in Beit Hanoun.”


The organizations slammed the US’s decision to veto the Arab proposal calling on UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to send a delegation to the Middle East to probe the deadly IDF shelling in Gaza, which left 19 Palestinians dead.


A statement was signed by the Popular Resistance Committees, the Al-Aqsa Brigades (Fatah’s armed wing), the Fatah-affiliated Abu Rish Brigades, and another Islamic group who’s name has recently surfaced – the Tawahid Brigades.


The groups warn the United States that its policy is making it “a legitimate target for Palestinian organizations and any Muslim or Palestinian around the world.”


The statement also calls on “all free men everywhere and all the mujahadeen in the Islamic nation to mercilessly strike the Americans – to feed them the same food they are feeding us.”


'This is a new era' 

The US veto in the Security Council, according to the groups, “renders America a legitimate target just as Israel is.”


“The US’s policy is what drove us to reach this decision, and therefore, all Americans, regardless of status or position, will be targeted. From our standpoint, their lives are not worth more than the Atamna family (Beit Hanoun shelling victims),” the statement said.


The militant groups added: “It is time that those who kill and destroy in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan – those who oppress our people and bombard our lands – it is time that they reap what they sew with their fighters and warplanes.”


The groups refer to the Security Council as “the council for the security of the Zionists and for the preservation of their interests at the expense of our people.


“It’s been proven that there is no other way for us but jihad and resistance,” the statement says. “The Zionist-American enemy does not understand any other language besides the language of blood and power – and when this happens, we will be able to attain our demands and rights.”


The statement asserted that American officers supervised and took part in the IDF's action in Beit Hanoun and that the American cooperation gave a "green light for the enemy to perpetrate its crimes."


Spokesman for the Resistance Committees Mahmoud Abd-el Aal told Ynet that the Palestinian organizations will hunt the Americans down anywhere in the world, inside the territories and outside them.


"The Americans will learn that our arm is very long. We will return their sons in coffins," he said. 


Abd-el Aal said that the Palestinians have so far been overly patient towards the Americans and their policies, "but the recent American behavior and its support of the Israeli massacre has not left us no choice, this is why we will make sure they will taste and drink from the plate they feed us. We are calling on all Muslims around the world to hurt Americans wherever they may be. This is a new era." 


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