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IDF operation in West Bank (Archive photo)
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Claims: Troops executed Palestinians

B'Tselem human rights organization demands IDF investigate claims that soldiers executed three Palestinian gunmen injured in exchanges of fire in village of Yamoun

Following a publication by Ynet, the B'Tselem human rights organization on Monday turned to the Israel Defense Forces and demanded that the army investigate claims that three al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades members, who were killed Wednesday in the West Bank village of Yamoun, were executed by soldiers following their arrest.


Iyad Farihat, an al-Aqsa commander in the village located near Jenin, told Ynet that three organization members were captured during an ambush of by soldiers of elite units, who managed to reach the apartment where the gunmen were hiding.


According to him, the three began exchanging fire with the force.


"Many gunmen arrived to help their friends, when two of them were let into the house to receive help. While people were calling for help, the soldiers entered the house, removed the two and executed them," he charged.


One of the neighbors confirmed the claim: "One of the gunmen killed was seen shot in his legs. He was removed from the house and one soldier directed his weapon at him and shot the Palestinian in the head."


According to the neighbor, the second wounded Palestinian was shot in his legs and stomach, and was also executed as troops fired at the upper part of his body.


The neighbor's testimony matches testimonies provided by Palestinian medical crews.


Muhammad Maleh, the owner of the house in which the two were hiding, said that two of the injured had indeed escaped into his home, and while he went to call for help the soldiers broke into the house and took the injured out to the street.


"The soldiers closed me and my family in one room, did not let us leave, but after it all ended I saw that the two young men who were injured were executed," he claimed.


Sheikh Farihat said that after the third al-Aqsa member was injured, the soldiers who were riding a jeep next to him stopped, fired at him and killed him.


'This is Israeli democracy'

The Palestinians also reported that the two civilians killed in the incident were unarmed. One of the civilians was shot after driving a car in the area. The second civilian was watching the incident from his house and was shot in the head.


Sheikh Farihat said that "the man went out to call for help for his brother, and while running toward the home of one of the village's doctors, he was shot in the back by the force's soldiers."


"This is Israeli democracy," Sheikh Farihat said. "These are the democracy, culture and ethics the Israelis are so proud of."


The IDF Spokespersons' Office reported that during an exchange of fire between IDF soldiers and about 10 wanted men in the village of Yamoun, five gunmen were killed. Among those killed was Taher Rahman Mohammad Abahara, a 29-year-old Tanzim activist who was involved in firing and attempting to fire rockets at the town of Ram On.


According to the army, following the exchange of fire, the IDF force called the residents of the building, which was suspected of housing additional wanted gunmen, to exit the structure.


After the force commander confirmed with the Palestinian residents that there were no more people inside, the force entered the building in order to perform a search, during which suspicious figures were identified and fired at.


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