Photo: Amir Cohen
Injured evacuated after attack
Photo: Amir Cohen
Photo: Amir Cohen
Friends of injured bodyguard in hospital
Photo: Amir Cohen

Sderot victim: Followed daughter and made aliyah

Faina and Michael Slotzker immigrated to Israel in 2003 after their daughter, came to live next to her in southern town. Fatima killed while walking down central Sderot street. Bodyguard who lost his legs was about to marry girlfriend

Faina Slotzker, 57, was killed Wednesday morning after being hit by shrapnel from a rocket that landed in Sderot. Fatima is survived by a husband, Michael, and two children.


The couple immigrated to Israel in 2003 to join their daughter and her husband who made aliyah before them and were already living in Sderot.


Faina and her husband live in the Neve Eshkol neighborhood in town. at the time of the attack, Faina was making her way to the town's center, while Michael was headed for the local HMO branch. Shortly after they parted, Michael heard the explosion, and later learned that his wife was hurt in the attack.


Magen David Adom paramedics who treated him evacuated the anguished husband to the local emergency center.


Speaking with Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal and Southern Command Chief Yoav Galant, Michael had trouble concealing his anger: "We shouldn't apologize to the Arabs. I thought the IDF was a strong army. It's wrong that people get killed this way, maybe we can do something."


Young man loses legs  

The bodyguard injured in the rocket attack is a resident of the town, who has just recently been assigned to securing Defense Minister Amir Peretz's house. He was standing at the front of the defense minister's house when the rocket hit.


The young man's family lives in town, and many arrived at the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon out of concern for his condition. His two legs were hurt by shrapnel and doctors at the hospital were forced to amputate them. According to Barzilai's director general, the bodyguard also sustained burns.


Several weeks ago the young man had informed his parents that he plans to marry his girlfriend. His aunt said Wednesday that, "They will still do it big time. We are all praying that he gets out of surgery."


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