Photo: Beth S. Pollak
‘Immodest clothing’ - Illustration
Photo: Beth S. Pollak

Operation 'cover up'

Jerusalem pride parade struggle ends, new struggle begins against tight clothing. Ultra-Orthodox rabbis to hold ‘modesty’ rally Saturday

After the struggle against the recent pride parade in Jerusalem, ultra-Orthodox rabbis have marked their next target: The tight lycra shirts and short skirts. For this purpose, some of the most important rabbis are set to convene at a rally Saturday night in a bid to "safeguard modesty."


Last year, the limits of modesty were broken in the Orthodox community, when young Orthodox girls began visiting shopping malls and buying fashionable clothing from popular chain stores such as Castro and Zara  – too fashionable if you ask the rabbis.


The rabbis say that their biggest enemy is the lycra blouse that clings to the bodies of these God fearing women and by so doing over emphasizes what is best left to modesty.


'Length of skirts shortened, blouses too tight'

The outcome, according to the outraged rabbis is that lust is rampant on the streets and the innocence of the children of Israel is being destroyed.


"The length of the skirts has been shortened, and the blouses have become too tight. Many girls can be seen on the streets with the shape of their bras and breasts showing,” one of the rabbis explained.


In order to fight the practice, several measures have been taken such as the burning of clothing stores and spraying bleach on passersby on Jerusalem’s streets. In contrast, seminary rabbis and administrators decided to have female students sign a new modesty regulations contract.


The contract would bind each student to wear extra thick stockings, a shirt long enough that even bending down would not rise above the skirt, a skirt that would completely cover the knees. In addition, all lycra shirts would be prohibited.


In order to ensure that the public follow these regulations,  top rabbis are expected to meet Saturday at the Tamir Hall in Jerusalem to clearly state the new regulations.


The last gathering of this scope to take place within the Orthodox community concerned cellular phones.


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