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Flier in Pardes Katz: Don't sell to Arabs

Leaflets distributed in Bnei Brak neighborhood calling on residents not to sell or rent property to 'hostile sources not of our people'

Fliers recently distributed in the Bnei Brak neighborhood of Pardes Katz called on neighborhood residents to refrain from selling or renting houses to Arabs.


"Our homes have become non-Jewish. In Pardes Katz, there are hostile Arabs, not of our people, who have brought to our streets intermarriage, destruction and fear," read the flier.


"We must not agree to an atmosphere so dangerous to our souls and bodies! We cannot allow them to destroy the education of the youth in our neighborhood!" it continued.


The fliers, which were apparently printed to censure recent apartment rentals to Arab students studying in nearby educational institutions, were signed by a group called the Pardes Katz residents' committee.


The fliers also claimed that the "hostile elements bring defilement and assimilation into the neighborhood" and said that they wish to remove all Arabs from the premises.


'Disease of racism seeping into Israeli culture'

Knesset Member Dov Khenin (Hadash), who serves as chairman of the Knesset's human rights lobby, received a copy of the flier from Arab students studying at Ramat Gan College and said he wished to appeal to the attorney general to open a criminal investigation against its authors.


"The distributors of this flier violated the law prohibiting racist incitement against these Arab students, and it's the duty of the judicial committee to take a tough stand against them," he said.


"The flier shows us how the disease of racism seeps into Israeli culture. It's a disturbing and harsh disease, an infectious disease, which should be isolated, along with its carriers, in a joint Jewish-Arab effort at all levels: judicial, educational, and political," he declared.


The Arab student union at the Ramat Gan College also addressed the fliers, by publishing one of their own, signed by Jewish and Arab students.


"The flier is against all Arabs and against students," explained union member Raad Hadad (25).


"The Liebermanism that we feel in this country has reached Ramat Gan. Ramat Gan had always been peaceful, but sadly, the racism has come here too," he added.


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