Photo: Amir Cohen
Qassam rocket
Photo: Amir Cohen
5 Qassams fired at western Negev
Residents of communities in the western Negev wake up to the sirens of Color Red early warning system, no injuries reported; Two rockets fired at Sderot


Two Qassam rockets fired from the northern Gaza Strip landed in Sderot around 02:30 p.m. on Friday, residents and police said. No damage or injuries were reported.


On Friday morning a Qassam rocket landed in Shaar Hanegev, an attack that was preceded by the sirens of the Color Red early warning system.


No injuries were reported but residents said windows were broken.


Another rocket landed in open fields.

Qassam lands in Sderot (Photo: Amir Cohen)


Two Qassam rockets were fired at Sderot overnight Friday. One of the rockets landed in the city center, damaging a shop but causing no injuries.


The second rocket landed in an open field.


Meanwhile the IDF continues its operations against gunmen involved in Qassam fire and other attacks against Israel. Palestinian sources in Gaza reported on Friday that an activist affiliated with the military wing of Hamas was shot and killed in the Jabaliya neighborhood of Gaza. According to the report, he was shot by a sniper.


On Thursday, at least seven Palestinians were killed in several incidents in northern Gaza.  


On Thursday evening, a spokesperson for Islamic Jihad said the representatives of the various organizations in Gaza have reached an agreement according to which the Qassam attacks on Israel would cease in return for an end to the IDF’s activity in the Strip and in the West Bank.


The agreement was reached during a meeting between the groups, among them Hamas and Fatah, and Prime Minister Ismail Hainiyeh


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned Palestinian factions involved in Qassam attacks against Israel, saying firing rockets at Israeli communities achieves no purpose. "There is no need for these rockets because their effect will never match the effect of Israeli military operations," he said.


First published: 24.11.06, 09:35
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