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24 Jewish organizations biggest fundraisers in US
Jewish charity organizations make up 5 percent of American fundraising groups despite fact that only 2 percent of US population is Jewish
Twenty-four Jewish organizations starred on a list of America’s 400 biggest philanthropic organizations which raised the largest sums of money from private sources in 2005.


According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy magazine, the 24 organizations comprised five percent of all philanthropic organizations in the US.


The number was high considering the country’s entire Jewish community makes up between two and 2.5 percent of the population.


At the head of the Jewish organizations on the list was the United Jewish Communities (UJC) which ranked 34. The organization raised nearly USD 334 million in 2005.


The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee followed in the 54th slot, raising USD 247million. American Jewish Congress ranked 70, raising USD 203 million.


The Federation of New York and the Federation of Chicago ranked 72 and 141, raising USD 197 million and USD 111 million respectively.


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