Photo: Reuters
Qassam rocket in Sderot (Archive photo)
Photo: Reuters
Experiment: Cannon successful in intercepting Qassam
American company develops anti-rocket system costing USD 15 million per unit; Sderot in need of four systems
A swift cannon developed in the United States managed to intercept replicas of Qassam rockets during an experiment designed to test its ability to operate on the Gaza border.


The anti-Qasam system is developed by an American company, Lockheed Martin, which also manufactures F-16 jets, and was named Sky Shield. The system was based on radars and two swift cannons with a firing rate reaching up to a thousand shells a minute.


According to company sources, the cannon succeeded in smashing the combat head of the Qassam rocket replica during an experiment. The experiment took place on land, although the company claimed that the system proved capable of intercepting rockets in the air.


One Sky Shield system costs about USD 15 million. At least four systems would be needed in order to protect a town like Sderot. The main advantage of the system is its availability.


Lockheed Martin asserted the system could be used in Sderot within a few months time.


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