Photo: Daphna Maroz
Russian Court Church
Photo: Daphna Maroz
10 most beautiful buildings in Jerusalem
Jerusalem is a living museum of impressive architecture and building styles. Architect David Kroyanker chose ten particularly beautiful houses

Russian Court Church

Built between 1860 and 1872, it is a compound of hierarchically positioned buildings with the most important structure, the cathedral, in the center. Build in white stone in the neo-classic style, it has eights turrets with copper domes and golden crosses.

7 Heshin St.


The Central Post Office

Built in the 1930's, the building displays an eclectic style, using various classic construction elements that combine to meet its needs. The post office is actually the central of three representational buildings on that segment of Yafo Street, with the Bank Leumi Building on one side, and the Generali Building (with the lion on the roof) on the other. It is a rectangular structure with a symmetrical façade and seven arched entrances.

23 Yafo St.


The Italian Hospital

Built between 1911 and 1917, it was managed by nuns, seized by the Turks in WW1 and by the British in WW2. During the War of Independence, it was a frontal Israeli firing post, facing the Jordanian Legion. It has been occupied by the Education Ministry since 1963.

29 Shivtey Yisra'el St., corner of Hanevi'im St.


Tabor House

A picturesque house built in 1882 by Conrad Schick, a devoted Protestant and an architect who studied Jerusalem. Originally, it was family's dream house. It has two inner courts with lush greenery and a stylish water fountain built by the Swedish Protestant Society that runs the Theological Seminary there since the 1950's.

28 Hanevi'im St.


The German Hospital

This German institution was built in 1892 on Hanevi'im St., known at the time as "the hospitals street." Over time it served the British, and belongs to the Bikur Holim Hospital since 1961. It was built as a classic German public building, with finely designed balconies and a small bell tower.

Strauss St., corner of Hanevi'im


YMCA Building

This most outstanding YMCA building in the world was built between 1926 and 1933 to serve as a cultural, social, and sports center for young Christians by a 19th century British society. Its construction style is eclectic, combining neo-Romanesque and Art Décor elements, and comprises three buildings with an impressive tower rising above the central one.

26 King David St.


Villa Salameh

Wealthy businessman and builder Constantine Salameh, who initiated the construction of the Talbiya Neighborhood, built this villa as a private residence in the 1930's to boast his riches. It is built in an international style with straight lines, classic symmetry and a clean appearance. Presently it serves as the Belgian Consulate.

21 Balfour St; Wingate Square


Dormition Abbey and Church

Located near the site of the Last Supper of Jesus, where the Virgin Mary fell into eternal asleep, it was built between 1890 and 1910. The German style of the complex is stressed by the conic shape of the copper-coated roof, with 4 neo-Romanesque turrets. The German-European nature of the building supersedes certain Oriental elements it contains.

Mt Zion


Terra Sancta

It was built in the 1920's by the Franciscan Church that wished to influence the Arab population with "proper education." Originally, it served as a college attended by mostly Christian Arabs, and a few Muslims and Jews. Built in the Italian Renaissance style, it is very fancy and stylish, with stone pillars and all.

France Square


The Diskin Orphanage

Built in the Kiryat Sha'ul neighborhood in 1927, it is situated above the main entrance to Jerusalem from the west. Designed to serve as an orphanage for some 500 children, it is a symmetrical, three-wing building built in an eclectic style and an attempt to create Jewish architecture that draws from the Orient and ancient Jewish tradition. It presently serves as an ultra-Orthodox boarding school.

Reiness St.


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