Happy New Year from Damascus Gate
Workshop in an institute for the blind in Jerusalem
Tiberias beach
'We finally arrived here and we feel good.' Sent from a hotel in the Lebanon Mountains to A. M. Ginz
Port Said and the entrance to the Suez Canal
'Leshana Tova Tikatevu'
Photo: Bitmuna

Postcard collection from 100 plus years ago - part 2

'Dear Zehava, I've just received your first letter which is your second. As I understand it, you've already written me a letter on Wednesday but I have not yet received it…yours, Moshe.' Isn't it just easier to pick up a phone or send an email? Another glimpse into the private life of Moshe Ginzburg and Zehava Ben Tovim

Zehava Ben Tovim collected many postcards and letters sent to her over the years. They came from all over the country, from neighboring countries, and Europe – and she kept them for her family.


Her daughter Shifra Lentzet took the postcards to the Bitmuna laboratory so that you too could have a glimpse of her mother's rare collections.


Greeting card on the backdrop of Jaffa, 1904.

"Hello my darlings, I was thinking to got to Jerusalem…I am also writing because I'm awaited at the station, but in coming to Jaffa I found Ben (???) slightly ill and it is thought that he has rubella. Therefore I couldn't leave my sister alone at a time when Yaakov is very preoccupied with Mordechai's business. I am writing a letter to Jerusalem today to say that I will arrive on Sunday. I had a wonderful time in Petach Tikva, and they didn't want to let me go home. The Salman family sends warm regards. Your loving sister, Zehava." 23.01.1908 Jaffa Osterr Post.


An illustrated postcard of the Carmel and Haifa Bay.

"Friday after noon. Dear Zehava, I've just received your first letter which is your second. As I understand it, you've already written me a letter on Wednesday but I have not yet received it. I truly thank you. I phoned the office this morning to tell you that I have had no news from you, surly you must have been given the message. Now I can sit in peace. I saw Pua today. Tomorrow, on Saturday, she will come with the young man and we will go down to the Carmel grove. I am invited for lunch with the staff of Pika. Yours, Moshe, kisses to all."

"To Zehava Ben Tovim, Shalom from the beautiful Damascus. Baruch, 10.08.1910." Illustration of a mosque in Damascus.

"Directors of the General Women's Aid who oversee shelters for those fatally ill and mentally ill in Jerusalem, pray by all the sacred places for the health of their sisters, friends, and those supporting their works and wish them a blessed new year. May you be signed and sealed in the book of life." (Printed on the back of the postcard.)

To: Mr. Moshe Ginzburg Tel Aviv- Jaffa. "Dear Zehava and Moshe, I arrived safely in Haifa Thursday morning. I brought my things safely too. Cohen helped me a lot with sending my things and finding a place to stay. If he were someone else I would be grateful, but I hate him. I myself haven't experienced Sinat Hinam. I have done well here. I have a nice room, a bed, desk, and chair. Classes haven't begun yet. The school needs repairing. I'm not yet organized with food but I will have to make due with the following: I will eat alone in the mornings and evenings, and I will eat in the group kitchen at lunch. That's the only possible way. Regards to the Forer family, Sacharov, Hasia, and Chodrovski. Zehava." 17.10.1920

Sites from Lebanon: Cedars and the Baalbek river.


To: Mr. Moshe Ginzburg, 38 Pevzener St. Carmel Grove, Haifa. "Moshe, Zehava, and dear children, we are almost at the end of out trip, we feel very good. The ship is very good and we are pleased with everything. Yehoshua is eager to bath in the pool. There are many children on board the ship. There are many acquaintances from all over the country. We are having a wonderful time. We will write to you from Karlsbad. Your loving sister, Dvorah." On board the "Tel Aviv," 16.07.35.


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