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Tair Rada
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Shmuel and Ilana Rada
Photo: Avihu Shapira
Golan murder: Second suspect released
Following release of second suspect in murder of teenage girl Tair Rada, Golan police remain puzzled with not suspects, no leads
The second man arrested under suspicion of involvement in the murder of 13-year-old Tair Rada was released on bail Monday.


The suspect works at the Nofei Golan high school in Katzrin where Rada was murdered last week. The police currently have no other suspects.


Following a loaded meeting between the Rada family and the town’s Council Head Sami Bar Lev in which Tair’s mother blamed security failures for her daughter’s murder, the two met again Monday in a more restrained atmosphere.


“All of the points Ilana brought up regarding the safety and security of the children on school grounds will be investigated, with the goal of supporting the united community which has lived safely in Katzrin for many years,” Bar Lev said.


Shmuel Rada, the murdered girl’s father, had a hard time hiding his pain and frustration in light of recent publications portraying the Nofei Golan high school as one with a history of covered up violence and crime amongst its students.


“We’ve got wonderful a youth in the Golan Heights,” Bar Lev said, “There isn’t a school in the country that doesn’t have some sort of violence. There isn’t a place that hasn’t reported minorities among youth who smoke or possess drugs, but smudging the reputation of an entire community is intolerable.”


The council head also supported the police’s investigation efforts and said, “From my conversations with them I have the impression that all required resources were being used to find whoever was behind the murder.”


In the meantime, students at Nofei Golan were still trying to recover from the gruesome murder at their school. Over 80 percent of students showed up to classes Monday morning, this time without their parents.


Overt and undercover police forces in cooperation with council and education ministry security guards have spread throughout the school and the town’s streets in order to provide a sense of security to the children and residents of Katzrin.


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