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UN Ambassador Gillerman. Harshly worded protest
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Secretary General Kofi Annan. Will he condemn the rockets?
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Damage from Qassam attack on Sunday in Sderot
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Israel to UN: Qassams unacceptable

Harshly worded letter to Secretary General Annan warns that ongoing attacks on Israel from Gaza may lead to deterioration of situation, asks Security Council to condemn attacks. UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman: No country in the world can tolerate incessant rocket attacks against its territory

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday instructed Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman to lodge a complaint over the continuing rocket attacks against Israel emanating from Gaza.


"No country in the world can tolerate incessant rocket attacks against its territory," said Gillerman in the letter.


The Foreign Ministry decided to issue the protest after rocket attacks continued on Monday, bringing to over 50 the number of rockets fired into Israel since the ceasefire declaration on November 6th.


Gillerman sent the harshly worded letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the current president of the UN Security Council.


"Over the past week 24 rockets have been launched towards Israel," wrote Gillerman, "the majority of which landed in the town of Sderot and its immediate vicinity, damaging a preschool and a bank. One person was wounded from the attacks and several more were treated for shock."


'Grim threat to peace and security'

The letter went on to say that "Israel vehemently protests the continuing rocket attacks towards its territory despite the declaration of a ceasefire by both sides and despite the gestures made by Israel following the meeting between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.


"The continuous rocket attacks and grave violation of Israel's sovereignty constitutes a grim threat to peace and security in the region... which may bring to a deterioration of the situation," Gillerman continued in the letter.


Gillerman asked that the Security Council immediately condemn the attacks and warn those parties on the Palestinian side who are "provoking the situation" that they may bring to a renewed eruption of hostilities.


Gillerman concluded the letter by saying that "the State of Israel has the right to self-defense, in accordance with article 51 of the UN Charter.


"Israel is demonstrating restraint and has avoided retaliating at this stage, but warns the Security Council that this restraint cannot continue for much longer."



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