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Opposition group: Iran behind 80 percent of terror attacks in world

Iran opposition group releases detailed brief on Tehran's Qods Force, an 'international Islamic army' exporting attacks worldwide

Iran is behind 80 percent of terror attacks around the world, and uses its elite Qods Force to export and coordinate attacks, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said in a brief released Tuesday.


The NCRI is an umbrella group of Iranian opposition groups in exile, and its stated goal is to overthrow the Iranian government of Ayatollah Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In 2003, the US State Department added the NCRI to its list of banned terrorist organizations, and froze the organization's assets.


In its brief, the NCRI claimed to disclose the locations of central bases within Iran of the Qods Force, such as the "Imam Ali Training base," described as "one of the most important training bases." The location was given as "north of Tehran, in Alborz Kouh Street."


Another alleged location given in the brief is the "Khomeini Training base," said to be "located on Khavaran-Semnan highway, before reaching Pakdasht Township. Col. Rezai is the commander of the base, where a large number of foreign forces from Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine are being currently trained."


'Iran behind 80 percent of world terrorism'

In its statement, the NCRI said that "Tehran has the most extensive terror network in the world. It is responsible for some 80 percent of all major terror attacks - directly or indirectly - in the past two decades. Tehran has by far been the most sophisticated, well-funded state-sponsor of terrorism in the world."


Iran's Qods (Jerusalem) Force was the Islamic Republic's vehicle for exporting attacks around the world, the NCRI added.


"The Qods Force is the most secretive, elite, and skilled unit of the Iranian regime's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Formed in 1990, it is now responsible for all the extraterritorial activities of the Iranian regime, namely all terror attacks abroad," the NCRI said.


According to the brief, Qods Force commander, "Brig. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, directly reports to the regime's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei."


'Iran's embassies are terror coordination centers'

The brief included detailed alleged operational information on how Iranian embassies around the world are being used to coordinate Qods Force activities and terrorist operations.


"Final coordination of the Qods Force's activities around the world and provision of the appropriate diplomatic or other cover for its agents, the use of diplomatic facilities and immunities that facilitate receiving supplies and messages, weapons and military equipment for its terrorist agents fall within the responsibilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tehran's embassies," the NCRI said.


Formed with the aim of creating "an international Islamic army," the Qods Force "has 12 directorates, as well as "International Affairs Units" in "Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Middle East, Russia, Africa, and Europe," the brief added.


It said the force also "trains non-Iranian terrorist forces… from Pakistan, Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and other Middle East countries. The training is provided to groups of 40 to 50 persons. The Force has dozens of garrisons across Iran in which it trains its non-Iranian operatives."


From the brief

The following are some of the locations of Qods Force bases and information on its garrisons contained in the brief:


"A. Imam Ali Training base. It is one of the most important training bases and is located north of Tehran, in Alborz Kouh Street .

B. Khomeini Training base. It is located on Khavaran-Semnan highway, before reaching Pakdasht Township. Col. Rezai is the commander of the base, where a large number of foreign forces from Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine are being currently trained.

C. Bahonar base. It is located on Chalous highway, near Karaj Dam. This is also among one of the most important training centers.

D. Qods Training Center in Nahavand. It is located 45km from the town of Nahavand, west of Iran . Foreign forces, including those from Lebanon and Afghanistan are trained here.

E. Qom 's Beit ol-Moghadas University in the city of Qom .

F. Training center in Tehran's Farahzad district.

G. Training center on Damavand highway.

H. Hezbollah Base in Varamin, southeast of Tehran.

I. Madani Base in Dezful, (southwest Iran ).

J. Bisotoun Base in Kermanshah, (western Iran).

K. Tangeh Kenesht Base in Kermanshah (western Iran).

L. Ghayour Training Base in Ahwaz (southwest Iran).


6. The Qods Force has six major garrisons along Iran's borders with other countries. They are tasked with following up terrorist operations in the neighboring countries. They are:

A. Ramadan Garrison (First Corps) in Kermanshah (west). Mission: Iraq.

B. Nabi-Akram Garrison (Second Corps) in Zahedan (southeast). Mission: Pakistan.

C. Hamza Garrison (Third Corps) in Orumieh (northwest). Mission: Turkey.

D. Ansar Garrison (Fourth Corps) in Mashad (northeast). Mission: Afghanistan and Pakistan.


7. Terrorist Units.

In addition to the six garrisons, the Force has several other corps, including:

A. The Sixth Corps. Mission: Persian Gulf states.

B. The Seventh Corps. Mission: Lebanon and Syria.

C. The Eighth Corps. Mission: African States.

D. The Ninth Corps. Mission: Europe and the United States."


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