New pilots celebrate graduation
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Olmert: Price of peace doesn’t deter us

Prime minister tells Air Force pilot training course graduates, ‘The government is open to any sign of peace coming from our neighbors over the border, but we are also attentive to any signs of aggression and threats’

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said during the Israeli Air Force's pilot training graduation ceremony Thursday that "the Israeli government is open to any sign of peace coming from our neighbors over the border; we are also attentive to any signs of aggression and threats."


"If our enemies truly want peace, they will find in us a fair partner with whom a relationship of mutual peace may be created, in which both sides don’t have to pay a high price for peace," he added.


“But one thing is certain – Israel’s chance at achieving peace hinges on its strength, including that of the IDF’s air, land and sea forces."


The Israel Air Force Magazine has gathered data regarding the graduates of the prestigious course: Most of the graduates come from urban areas (52 percent), compared with 26 percent of graduates living in rural communities. Thirteen percent of the graduates are from moshavim, and 9 percent are from Kibbutzim.


Sixty one percent of them live in central Israel, 26 percent in northern Israel, and 13 percent live in the south. 


Not all pilots began military career in Air Force

Yavneh and Maccabim-Reut sent four graduates each. Jerusalem came in second with three graduates. Tel Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, and Herzliya all came in last with only two graduates each.


According to the data, 11 percent of graduates are religious, 49 percent of graduates come from families with three children; 56 percent are middle children, 22 percent are elders, and 22 percent are youngest in their families.


Lieutenant "S" who graduated as a transport pilot has 12 brothers and sisters. Thirty four percent of the graduates' mothers are teachers. Eight percent of fathers are also teachers, 8 percent are pilots with El Al, and another 8 percent are engineers.


Nineteen percent of graduates have a father or a brother who served in the past as pilots in the Air Force. 


All graduates have a complete matriculation diploma. Four of them studied at the school at Maccabim-Reut, and three of them even attended the same class.


The past two graduating courses also featured the Maccabim-Reut school with three graduates each. In addition, 89 percent of all graduates finished their high school studies as science majors.


Three of the graduating class began their way in the army wearing a green uniform and serving in other units before beginning the course.


Captain "N" graduated as a navigator, but began his military career in the prestigious "Talpiot" academic program. Captain "A" began his service as an infantry medic in the Givati Brigade and continued as a training officer in the Navy, and another Captain "A" began his service as a commander of a tank platoon in the armored corps.  


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