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Abbas: No to state with temporary borders
In mass Ramallah rally marking Fatah's 42nd anniversary, Palestinian president says will reject any proposal to establish Palestinian state with temporary borders. Israeli-Arab MK Tibi slams Israel in speech, says 'struggle to free land must continue'

RAMALLAH - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday that he rejected any possibility for the establishment of a Palestinian state with temporary borders.


Abbas spoke at a mass rally in the Muqataa compound in Ramallah marking Fatah's 42nd anniversary.


Abbas referred to reports that Hamas sources were negotiating with international sources on the matter.


Abbas attacked the anarchy in the Palestinian Authority and said that the PA needed to focus on a single ruling authority.

Ramallah rally (Photo: AP)


Abbas also attacked the blockade on the PA and said the Palestinians should not be punished for their choice, “but those who were elected democratically should know how to conduct their business.”


Abbas also said that he supported a unified government, but that he was determined to go to early elections if efforts for such a government should fail. “Whoever doesn’t like it, go to the legal system, but don’t respond with violence and shooting,” he said.


Tibi slams Israel  

Israeli Arab Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi was one of the speakers at the event, alongside senior Fatah officials.


In his address, Tibi honored Yasser Arafat and Fatah and vowed that "the Palestinian struggle will continue until all the Palestinian

lands are freed and a Palestinian state is established on all the territories occupied in 1967, first and foremost holy Jerusalem, holy Jerusalem, holy Jerusalem."


Tibi harshly criticized Israel, saying, "The Israelis murdered two-month old Iman Hijou, and years later they killed 13 year-old Iman al-Hamas. We told them that she's a student, they said she's 'a terrorists.' They want to wipe out the Palestinian children, the women and the elderly, in a bid to destroy the concept of Palestinian liberty and independence."


"We say to the Israelis, these children want to return from school to their homes," he added.


Tibi lauded in his speech Arafat and President Mahmoud Abbas, his successor. The MK defined Fatah as "pioneer and leader of the Palestinian revolution."


"A part of the Palestinian homeland has been liberated, and the other part continues to be occupied, and there's still a long way to go till freedom is achieved. That is why the struggle must continue," he stated.


'Stop infighting'  

Tibi called on the Palestinian factions to put an end to the confrontations between them and unite around the resistance to Israel.


"The national unity is the only guarantee for a struggle against the occupation and is the way in which you can block the occupation's conspiracies. Remember, the homeland has not been freed yet."

En route to rally (Photo: AFP)


The MK concluded his speech with an appeal to the Palestinian prisoners, saying, "The Palestinian leadership considers your issue the highest priority. Abbas deals with the matter constantly and asks of us to raise the issue."


Tibi mentioned his visit with Marwan Barghouti Wednesday, and stated, "I promise you that you will walk free and the sun will rise… this people must win."


First published: 11.01.07, 14:31
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