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Hizbullah supporters paid to attend rally?
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PM Fouad Siniora - ethnic evolt waged against gov't
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Did Hizbullah use tents ment for refugees to house supporters?
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Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah
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Nasrallah's settlers

Mt. Lebanon mufti attacks Hizbullah leader, organization policies; says group using funds meant for state rehabilitation for political purposes, buying out Beirut in move that may change city demographic makeup in predominantly Christian areas

Without drawing any front-page headlines in Israel, Hizbullah loyalists renewed their protests against Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. While the official causes have been stated to be the financial conduct of the government and its corruption, but the raison d'être is clear: changing the election law in a manner that will allow Hizbullah to expand their numbers in parliament.


However, alongside the 'usual' slogans, Lebanon also seems to be following the Mideast trend and witnessing an Iran backed strengthening Shiite movement against an uncomfortable Sunni movement.


Mount Lebanon Mufti Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Ali al-Jozo voices these tensions and has long since spoken out openly against Syria and Hizbullah. Al-Jozo ridicules the 'divine victory' Nasrallah claims to have achieved during the last war and scorns the political crisis he has caused. Al-Jozo has called the attempt an actual coup.


This week al-Jozo referred to Hizbullah as 'occupiers' in Beirut and its surroundings: "They occupied different areas like the Beirut airport, built mosques, hospitals, gas stations and tourist sites alongside the way. Recently they have taken the Riad El-Solh square (where Hizbullah loyalists gathered). Maybe they thought to build a resort village there. There are the 'divine victories' achieved by Hizbullah."


"Allah gave Hizbullah what he has given no man. He has given them this land which was forcibly taken during the civil war and the last war, land that has become private property of Hizbullah, its supporters and its allies." Al-Jozo said.


Addressing the massive crowd Hizbullah draws to its functions al-Jozo said: "Today Hizbullah gives USD 20 to anyone who participates in a rally. The money comes from funds collected by the organization to rebuild the villages and bridges destroyed by the aggressive Zionist state. Even the tents (which were erected during the Hizbullah rallies) are from Arab and Turkish donations, meant to house the evicted residents of the south. Even the food mean for the refugees was taken to the Riad El-Solh square to feed participants." Al-Jozo again blamed Syria for the death of Rafik al-Hariri.


Four days earlier al-Jozo blamed Hizbullah for leading an 'ethnic revolt' against Saniora's government. In his statements he asked Hizbullah leaders to "have mercy on Lebanon and rescue it from their destructive ambitions which the Lebanese people can't take anymore, ambitions which have wiped out all of Lebanon politically and economically."


"We do not believe many of Hizbullah's religious scholars," said al-Jozo, "the old ones or the new ones, because from the beginning they have operated in an ethnic-oriented manner, racially-based and racist. All their statements support overturning the government and holding elections that will allow Hizbullah to control the entire country, as well as pick a president who will be a puppet of Hizbullah and Syria."


'Hizbullah using mob tactics'

This is not the first time that al-Jozo elects to air dirty laundry in public. Just last week he accused Hizbullah or employing mafia tactics to impose their will on the Lebanese people.


"Save Lebanon from the Mafia!" al-Jozo urged the international community, "Rescue Lebanon from those who work to hijack her and place her under Iranian-Syrian control. Save Lebanon from those who serve America and Israel from spreading chaos throughout the country. Since the abduction of the two Israeli soldiers, Lebanon has been abducted by Iranian-Syrian interests who have spread destruction, ruin, and economic, social, political and moral collapse. The Syrian influence is represented by the state's president who disrupts the activity of its institutions. Is this not the leadership of a mafia?!"


He called on the Lebanese army to stand against Hizbullah and prevent the organization from taking control of the country.


Al-Jozo is not the only one attacking Hizbullah though. Lebanon mufti Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani, the supreme Sunni authority in the country, shares al-Jozo's sentiments.


"There is an attempt to overthrow the Lebanese regime by spreading a general chaos throughout the country and an attempt to overturn the Taif Agreement," Qabbani told Kuwaiti newspaper al-Anba. "If the current government falls, there will not be a new government… We stand by Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, for the national interest," Qabbani said.


The Hizbullah settlements

Back to real estate affairs: After al-Jozo accused Hizbullah of taking over extensive grounds in Lebanon the London-based 'al-Quda al-Arabi daily' backed up his claim. The paper reported that, with the help of Iranian funding, Hizbullah is aggressively purchasing land in an attempt to change the demographic reality and strengthen their influence.


According to 'al-Quds al-Arabi' Hizbullah is leading a real estate assault on Beirut. The report joins statements made by Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt who spoke of an Iranian settlement through Hizbullah.


Sources within Jumblatt's organization said that there is an alarming increase in purchases of property in predominantly Christian sections of the city by Hizbullah in a 'construction Jihad' that may change the face of the region's demographic makeup.




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