Revolutionary Guards: Kidnapping easy
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Iran militia threatens to kidnap Americans

Week after Bush orders US soldiers in Iraq to target Iranian agents, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards publishes article threatening American soldiers and civilians in Middle East, Europe and South America

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threatened to kidnap American soldiers and hinted at intentions to kidnap American citizens in Europe and South America as well.


The threat was apparently in response to President George W. Bush’s instruction to American soldiers in Iraq last week to target Iranian agents.


“The kidnapping of American citizens in the Middle East, Europe and South America is not difficult and can happen at any moment,” siad an article printed in the weekly Subah Sadak, which is considered the mouthpiece of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran.


The article, entitled “Easier and cheaper than Chinese merchandise”, was printed in response to the United Nations Security Council’s Resolution 1737, setting sanctions on Iran due to its refusal to suspend its nuclear program.


The threat may also be linked to the operation in which American forces kidnapped five Iranians from the Consulate General in Erbil in northern Iraq.


“The US prepared a most-wanted list, which includes senior Iranian officials whom they intend to kidnap to learn details about national, nuclear and military operations,” the article claimed.


'Current Iranian regime has offensive strategy'

The article further claimed that America had the names of 35 Iranian diplomats working at various embassies, who the White house suspects hold senior intelligence and security positions and have information on Iran’s nuclear and military capabilities.


Ali Saidi, a spokesperson for the Revolutionary Guards, noted, “Our enemies have many weak points, and we can cause them problems.”


In an interview with an Iranian news agency, Saidi said that contrary to the policy of previous governments, who employed passive and defense foreign policy, “The current Iranian regime has an offensive strategy.”


Meanwhile, the Iranian Embassy in Moscow denied the recent report in the Daily Telegraph that Iran was secretly cooperating with North Korea in nuclear weapons testing.


The embassy issued a notice saying that “Iran denies the rumors of cooperation with North Korea regarding nuclear experimentation.” North Korea denied the report as well.


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