Nightmare, Eilat

A nightmare you will enjoy

The 'Nightmare' in Eilat is not for the faint of heart or pregnant women. A tourist attraction with one goal: To scare you senseless

Not every door that closes opens a new one, the fear you experience in a dark alley is not always a byproduct of an over-active imagination, a light at the end of a tunnel does not necessarily mean you're saved, if you smell incense it does not mean you're in a spa: Welcome to the "Nightmare".


Nightmare, Eilat's horror labyrinth, is one of world's most terrifying tourist attractions (yes, scarier than a roller coaster ride), and we have been around. We can not elaborate on the route starting at the dark, incense-saturated room and the horror-film sound track till the moment you'll scream in fear. What we can say is that the experience includes walking in total darkness, voices and sounds you'll hear, and the feeling that Freddy Kruger awaits around the next corner.


The only chance to get out of the maze is to follow the faint red lights, never stop, not look back. Alternately you could yell "nightmare" and one of the maze operators will come to take you to safety. Don't assume that does not happen – over 5,000 people have chosen that option so far.


The experience itself is scary, funny and induces adrenaline flow just like a bungee jumping in New Zealand. As hard as you work at convincing yourselves no harm can come to you, the more you'll be afraid. The darkness and the maze make one loose all sense of time and space.


If you're really brave, you may choose to enter alone and in handcuffs. The rest can go in small groups. Children are not allowed, nor are pregnant women, people with heart problems and self-proclaimed cowards.


Nightmare is located in the new tourism center from sunset to dawn. Admission: 50 NIS (about 12 USD)


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