IDF soldiers near Avivim
Photo: Avihu Shapira

Explosive devices uncovered in north

Military sources estimate devices were recently planted near border, criticize Lebanese government for not operating against Hizbullah in area

Israel Defense Forces soldiers on Monday uncovered four explosive devices in the Avivim area in northern Israel, about 60 meters (196.85 feet) north of the border with Lebanon.


Military sources in the north estimated that the devices were planted recently in order to target IDF troops.


IDF officials said that the initiated activity in the area was successful in thwarting terror attacks. However, they criticized the Lebanese government for not operating in the area in order to foil Hizbullah's activity.


The explosive devices were disguised as rocks and were found on the international borderline between Israel and Lebanon.


Sources in the IDF noted that the activity was the result of the lessons drawn from the war and that it was proving itself to be successful. A number of weeks ago, two Hizbullah bunkers were uncovered on the border.


Military officials, however, implied that the Lebanese government was responsible for any Hizbullah infrastructure on the international borderline and that its forces should be patrolling the area in order to neutralize any possible threat.


'Devices may have been planted by shepherds'

The IDF's activity in the area focuses mainly between the border fence and the Blue Line, which is the international borderline. The IDF did not operate in this area before the war, enabling Hizbullah fighters to strengthen their infrastructures near the border fence and easily plan terror attacks against the forces moving in the area.


About a month ago, an IDF force operating near the Lebanese border found a bag believed to have belonged to the kidnappers of soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eyal Regev. The bag contained several weapons, shoes, and other equipment.


The operation was being carried out along the border as part of the war’s lessons, in order to scan the area for unusual findings in the area where the kidnapping occurred.


Lieutenant Colonel Eran, the commander of the regiment which uncovered the explosive devices, told Ynet it was possible that the devices were planted by civilians, perhaps shepherds sent by Hizbullah.


"We understand that they are continuing to look for ways to target us. We only have faith in ourselves and are operating in order to foil these threats."


According to the regiment commander, the devices may be joined and could significantly damage IDF vehicles moving in the area. The Engineering Corps force neutralized the devices and Lebanese and UN forces continued to search the area.


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