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87 percent believe government must care for home front
Average Israeli more dependable than government during war, survey reveals

While politicians waste time blaming others for the failures of the home front in the war in Lebanon, it becomes clear that the actual burden of attending to the citizens of the north fell on the average Israeli.


A survey conducted by the Israeli Center for Third-Sector Research at Ben Gurion University found that 43 percent of Israeli households had made some contribution during the war.


Among the people questioned, 25 percent had hosted families from the north, and 5 percent had taken in people they did not know.


Low-income families contributed more

Eighty-seven percent thought that the government should have taken responsibility for the people from the north upon itself, and not leave it to social organizations and NGOs.


Professor Benny Gidron, who conducted the research, explained to Ynet: "Israelis donate and contribute more than most and not only when Israel is in a crisis. When something bad does unfortunately happen, the Israeli public gets together and offers as much assistance as they can."


"However," he continued "government policy must not be based on the generosity and kindness of the public. It has to find a way to streamline the good will of the public."


The survey revealed that low-income families contributed more than higher income families. While the Jewish population gave more donations than the Arab population (44 percent compared to 30 percent), the Arabs volunteered more than the Jews.


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