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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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Ahmadinejad: Iran would not initiate any war
Iranian president answers letter of bereaved American mother on personal blog: 'Zionist media have distorted my words.' Says Americans 'kept in absolute censorship by their government'

"Iran would not initiate any war!" wrote Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his internet blog on Saturday. In a lengthy response to a letter he says was sent to him by an American mother who's son was killed in Iraq Ahmadinejad writes: "Dear sister, of course, we too hate war – as you do... we believe there are many diplomatic and peaceful ways and approaches to intercept paranoidal (sic) bullying and expansion policies and practices of US, Zionist usurper regime – the occupier of Palestine – and Britain. I assure you that Iran would not initiate any war!"


The American mother who, according to the blog, sent Ahmadinejad a personal letter wrote: "I am writing you this letter as a mother who her son was sent to Iraq forcibly and has been taken away from her for ever. You may know it or not that most of the Americans do not like Bush…We do not recognize him as our president. He entered the White House by cheating. He is not a legitimate president. Even a great number of American mothers who their sons were not sent to Iraq, are agree with me. We can’t stop his stupid acts for now, but I am writing this letter, because I know you as a pious and logical man."


Ahmadinejad said that he hopes that by "early withdrawal of US occupied forces from Iraq, peace, tranquility and fraternity would come back to the region. I also hope that the people of Iraq be able to live in peace and harmony next to their families and continue their own lifestyle. And finally, I hope that the American youth live next to their families and serve their own country."


An extensive part of the Iranian reply was dedicated to the western media: "I am confident that you and American people would not trust the pre-fabricated lies and complicated, poisonous propagandas that are made and broadcasted by the inhumane, aggressive and capitalist networks. Perhaps as you know - so many times - the Zionist media and those that are related to power clans, have even distorted my own words, and have told the people of the world, bunch of untruth regarding my country as well.


"I am sorry to say that the American people are kept in an absolute censorship concerning the outside world by their government."


Ahmadinejad writes that he chose to post his response online and not to the citizen's private email so as not to "create problems" for her. He also said that he has received a great many similar letters.


"If you rely on Almighty God," concludes Ahmadinejad, "you would succeed."



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