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Anti-Racism day
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39 percent of Israelis don’t want Arab neighbors

Blaming situation on education system and religious leaders, 36 percent of Israeli Jews think State is more racist than it was 10 years ago, poll for anti-racism day shows

Thirty-nine percent of Israeli Jews do not want Arab neighbors, revealed a poll conducted by the Israel Religious Action Center for Anti-Racism Day.


The poll, composed of the responses of a sample of 502 adult Israeli Jews, showed that while most Israelis would not mind hiring an Arab for a job, with only 28 percent completely objecting to it, a significant percent of 38 would not be willing to work for an Arab employer.


Regarding an Arab minister in the Knesset, 31 percent of the respondents strongly objected while 21 percent answered positively.


The poll also showed that Israelis would not even consider having an Arab president, as 83 percent completely objected and only 13 percent of the respondents said they would consider this possibility.


According to the poll, 37 percent of Israelis think that Ethiopian immigrants are the most discriminated against, followed by Arabs, who 21 percent of the respondents said suffered the most. Russian immigrants came in third with 6 percent.


Discrimination against labor immigrants was pushed to the bottom of the list according to the poll.


'A disgrace to the Jewish people' 

In response to the question, "Is the State of Israel more racist now that it was one decade ago?" 37 percent of the respondents said yes.


Seventy-two percent of the respondents blamed the situation on the education system which does not do enough to eradicate racist prejudices.


The respondents were also asked to give their opinion on the level of Israel's religious leaders' contribution to racism.


Thirty-six percent said that rabbis increased racism, while 10 percent said that they actually help reduce it.


During the week the Reform community will host religious leaders, including Christians and Muslims, to mark the joint struggle against racism.


Anat Hoffman of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism said on Tuesday that "displays of racism, and especially those done in the name of Judaism, disgrace the Jewish people."


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