Photo: Niv Calderon
MK Azmi Bishara
Photo: Niv Calderon
Bishara resignation rumors gaining steam
Talk of Arab MK's impending resignation from Knesset reported on additional Arab-Israeli website; Bishara yet to make public statement

Strengthening rumors of the Arab Knesset member's impending resignation, Arab-Israeli website 'Kol al-Arab' reported Monday that MK Azmi Bishara may send a letter of his resignation from Knesset via a colleague from Jordan.


The post comes a day after Bishara left Israel for the Jordanian capital, Amman. Bishara has yet to make a public statement, although his faction - National Democratic Assembly - formally denied rumors of his resignation.


The 'Kol al- Arab' website report stated that Bishara has left the Crown Plaza hotel in Amman where he had been staying and has relocated to a different hotel rented for him by one of his close associates. According to the report Bishara and his associate are currently working out the details of the MK's resignation.


The National Democratic Assembly is reportedly scheduled to

convene in order to discuss their next course of action and possibly issue a formal statement addressing the resignation.


On Sunday afternoon the Nazareth-based newspaper al-Sinara broke the story of Bishara's rumored resignation. According to the original report Bishara will submit his formal letter of resignation on Tuesday morning.


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