Scene of the accident
El Al plane crashes into vehicle on Paris runway
Flight leaving Charles de Gaul Airport on its way to Tel Aviv delayed due to accident. 'There was a lot of noise, but we did not panic," one of passengers tells Ynet
An El Al flight from Paris to Tel Aviv was delayed Friday afternoon due to an accident on the runway at Charles de Gaul Airport.


An initial investigation revealed that the plane crashed into a vehicle standing on the runway. There were no reports of injuries.


Flight number 324 was scheduled to leave Paris at around 1 pm on a Boeing 747 plane with 350 passengers. After the aircraft hit a vehicle on the ground, the pilot aborted the take-off and all passengers were evacuated from the plane. El Al technicians examined the extent of the damage caused to the plane.


The vehicle under the plane's engine


An El Al official said in response, "While the plane was being towed ahead of take off, the plane's engine was hit by the towing vehicle. We are now trying to evaluate the damage caused to the engine."


According to initial reports, the towing vehicle arrived in order to lead the plane ahead of take off. According to the passengers, one of the wings hit a tractor which was on the road on the way to the runway.


Noa Velish, who was on the plane, told Ynet that the passengers got off the plane and returned to the terminal.


"The plane left the finger and was about to start traveling on the runway. A car was standing under the engine, and the plane just rammed into it. Luckily there was no one in the vehicle," she said.


According to Velish, "I guess they did not tell him there was something under the wing. There was a lot of noise, and when the pilot braked we heard another 'boom.' But the passengers did not panic."


Liron Milstein contributed to the report


Initial report received via Red Email


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