Coca-Cola goes healthy

Healthier Coke only in Israel

As first country to successfully produce preservative-free Coca-Cola, while maintaining drink's taste, Israel receives permission to start marketing healthy drink as of next week

Over the past few years, health food trends have been taking the world by storm, but only in Israel will the world's most popular soft drink be manufactured without preservatives or artificial food coloring.


Coca-Cola Israel will be the first to produce a healthier version of the drink, while at the same time maintaining its taste, shelf-life, and of course, kashrut.


Being the first to successfully implement the advanced technological procedure, Muzi Werthiem, Cola-Cola Israel's owner received the permission and blessing of Muhtar Kent, president of the Coca-Cola Company, who congratulated him on the great achievement.


The move came following market surveys which clearly showed the Israeli consumer's preference of products without preservatives and artificial colorings.


The new formula, which will include both regular and diet Coke, will be on the market as of next week. The bottles and cans containing the new drink will be labeled artificial coloring and preservative-free.


Yehudit Yahav contributed to this report


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