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Poll: Israelis want Olmert out

Most Israelis (72 percent) believe Prime Minister Olmert should not be the one to implement Winograd report lessons, and 65 percent say prime minister should resign immediately, according to Yedioth Ahronoth poll

The resounding majority of the Israeli public believes that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should not be the one to implement the lessons of the Winograd report on the failures during the Second Lebanon War, according to polls published Wednesday morning.



A Yedioth Ahronoth poll carried out by the Dahaf institute found that 27 percent of the public would give Olmert another chance to mend the failures, while 72 percent think otherwise.


A full 65 percent believe Olmert should resign immediately, while 25 percent prefer to wait and see the Winograd Commission's final report, due for publication this summer. Ten percent think Olmert should remain in his post.


51 percent want new elections  

When asked whether another prime minister might have performed better during the Lebanon war, 47 percent said yes. Thirty percent said another leader would have functioned similarly, while four percent think another leader would have been worse (19 percent did not answer).


As for what should happen now in the political arena, 51 percent think new elections should be held, 23 percent would like the leadership changed without elections - with the same coalition remaining in office while the prime minister, defense minister and other leading lawmakers are replaced. Fourteen percent would like Olmert to remain in office while Peretz is dismissed.


The poll subjects were asked which Kadima member would make a suitable replacement for Olmert if he were to quit: 32 percent chose Vice Premier Shimon Peres, while 32 percent opted for Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. Seventeen said that Shaul Mofaz should replace Olmert, and 19 percent did not reply.


Asked who was the best candidate to replace Olmert as prime minister, 29 percent of the respondents said that Benjamin Netanyahu would be their choice, 20 percent opted for Livni, 14 percent said they would support Ami Ayalon, 10 percent - Ehud Barak 8 percent - Silvan Shalom, and 6 percent – Olmert (13 percent did not reply).


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