Arkadi Gaydamak
Photo: Eli Elgarat

Sderot's residents despair from government, turn to Gaydamak

Residents of the city appeal to Gaydamak to help them evacuate. Chairwoman of Sderot PTA: we have no choice

Tuesday night's Qassam barrage was too much even for Sderot's most experienced residents, and they decided to appeal to "the nation's savior" - Arkadi Gaydamak.


Batia Cattar, Chairwoman of the Sderot PTA (Parents-Teachers Association) said that numerous appeals from the city's residents resulted in the letter she wrote Gaydamak. 


"I appeal to you on behalf of the residents of Sderot, requesting you help us evacuate the city, as you did last summer," she wrote. "We have no choice. Life here has become a game of Russian roulette, rockets are fired constantly and many are injured.


"The prime minister and the defense minister have left us on our own, bleeding in the battlefield."


Gaydamak helped Sderot's residents last summer, by sending many of them to a weekend away, in Eilat.


Cattar told Ynet that many in the city are desperate to leave, and frustrated the government has no consideration for them.


"How many more must die? We are sitting ducks and the government does nothing about it. If something like this were happening in central Israel, they wouldn't just be standing there. Our blood," she added "is no different."


Cattar had no answers for those asking her to do something immediately. "This place may as well turn into a ghost town as far as I’m concerned," she said. "People are afraid the government doesn't seem to care. What is this? a game of Russian roulette?"


Cattar decided to appeal to Gaydamak after getting nowhere with government officials. "This government is a disgrace and should resign," she said. "They can't expect Gaydamak to do their work for them."


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