Photo: Gil Yochanan
Gay pride parade
Photo: Gil Yochanan
Ministers push for ban on Jerusalem gay parade
Ministerial committee wants Knesset to pass bill giving Jerusalem city council power to ban gay pride parade in city
The Ministers Committee for Legislation voted Sunday in favor of a bill that would prevent gay groups from holding pride parades in Jerusalem.


The draft bill will be put up for a vote in the Knesset on Wednesday and if approved will effectively render next month's gay pride parade in the capital illegal.


Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann said he would lobby MKs to reject the bill.


Religious parties are pushing for legislation that would make it more difficult for gay groups to hold the annual gay pride parade in Jerusalem by investing the city's municipal council with enough power to reject public gatherings it deems a danger to public security or harmful to the feelings of the religious public.


Four ministers voted in favor of a Knesset vote on the bill while three opposed the move.


Friedmann threatened to bring the draft bill for a cabinet vote.


National Union-NRP MK Eliahu Gabbay who presented the bill wrote that the new law was meant "to strengthen Jerusalem's status through the elected officials in the city's council by allowing them to set policies."


"Government support for the legislation would allow the Jerusalem municipality to ban parades and marches that harm the public's feeling and therefore prevent the humiliation of the holy city by devious and marginal groups," Shas Minister Eli Yishai said.


The police have given the green light for the parade but reserve the right to backtrack for fear of public unrest.


Aviram Zino contributed to this report


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