Photo: Dan Bronfled, IDF's Spokesperson Unit
IDF bombarding Hizbullah post
Photo: Dan Bronfled, IDF's Spokesperson Unit
Hizbullah rocket in Afula
Photo: Omri Eilat
Hizbullah rearming under UN's nose, experts say
Shiite organization has been rebuilding its underground bunker network close to Israeli border, despite UN presence in area, Sunday Times reports. Newspaper quotes Israeli intelligence sources as saying Hizbullah has stockpiled 20,000 rockets, including some that could reach Tel Aviv

Hizbullah has built a network of underground military bunkers near the Israel-Lebanon border under the feet of UN forces, the Sunday Times reported.


According to the report, Israeli intelligence estimates that the organization has stockpiled 20,000 rockets.


Hizbullah, which was forced to move away from the border after the Second Lebanon War, when UN peacekeeping troops took over, has managed to sneak its way back in.


“Since the Israeli forces left, Hizbullah has been building formidable military underground posts under the noses of the UN,” an Israeli intelligence officer said.


Before the summer war, Hizbullah had over 20 positions along the southern border, which were destroyed by Israeli forces. Nonetheless, shortly after the August ceasefire took effect, the organization began to rebuild in Shiite villages throughout southern Lebanon.


“The entrance to an underground post is usually in the back garden of a Hizbullah supporter,” said one source. “The householder receives compensation for the use of his garden.” He explained that modern equipment is used to build the shafts, which vary in size, and connect some of them by tunnels. The bunkers are also equipped with sophisticated communications equipment.


Hizbullah has also continued to amass arms since the war last summer, and according to the Times these include Russian-made antitank missiles, short- and long-range rockets, small arms, mines and ammunition have been smuggled into Lebanon from Syria and Iran.


An Israeli missile expert told the newspaper that Israel was particularly concerned over long-range Fatah-110 rockets that have been supplied to Hizbullah, and that had a 125-mile range enabling them to reach Tel Aviv.


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