Naher al-Bard refugee camp
Photo: AP
4 killed in Lebanese clashes
Fatah al-Islam gunmen killed in clashes with Lebanese army at Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon
Lebanese soldiers and Fatah al-Islam gunmen exchanged heavy fire at a Palestinian refugee camp Sunday night; four Fatah al-Islam gunmen were killed as a result.


Most of the fighting took place in the northeast section of the Naher al-Bard refugee camp, where such clashes have been erupting for about three weeks.


Witnesses said the bodies of 26 Fatah al-Islam gunmen were gathered at the camp’s “Al-Quds” mosque, while 10 others were said to be at an undisclosed location. The witnesses also reported another clash taking place in the southern part of the camp.


The Lebanese army suffered the loss of 11 soldiers since Saturday; 40 more soldiers were wounded in the fighting. In total, 58 soldiers have been killed since the fighting began.


On Sunday, the International Red Cross evacuated two bodies and 75 civilians from the refugee camp. Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances also evacuated several civilians with the authorization of the Lebanese army.


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