Lebanon funeral following infighting
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'Lebanon guard dog of America'

Al-Qaeda in Syria: Lebanese in Syria at risk if siege of Palestinian camp not lifted

An al-Qaeda affiliated organization in Syria has warned that the lives of Lebanese citizens in Syria would be endangered if the Lebanese army did not end its siege of the Naher el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon.


The statement, the second issued by 'Tawhid and Jihad in Syria,' was posted on the al-Firdaws jihadi online forum.


It said Christians in Lebanon were part of a 'united crusader-Jewish front' directed against Muslims, and accused the "Lebanese army, government, intelligence branches and police" of being "the guard dogs of France and America."


Calling upon its supporters to "support the jihad," the group also said: "We warn that if the Lebanese government does not lift its blockade, its sons living on Syrian territory will be considered moving targets," adding that it would carry out kidnappings" of Lebanese citizens.


"If the Lebanese government does not respond to these demands, hell will follow, with kidnappings, shootings, and beheadings," the group threatened.


The statement also drew a parallel between "what is happening to our brothers in Fatah al-Islam, and the segregation of Palestinians in the Naher el-Bard camp, where they are killed, displaced, and their homes demolished over the heads of their inhabitants... and surrounded by infidels," to Islam's prophet, Muhammad, "who was surrounded by infidels who gathered from the Arabian Peninsula."


It said "jihad and patience" would bring about a victory over "infidel" forces.


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