Yarkon Park: A bird's head of trees and clouds
'Seven Mills' between the sky and the earth
The calm before the storm
Ramat Gan National Park
A magical spot
Facing the current

Not with a naked eye

The idiom 'one picture is worth a thousand words,' fits photographer Dror Davidman's work. Dvaidman documents Israel using various techniques. In the first installment in this series, he presents photos of scenery taken with an infrared filter exposing images unseen by the naked eye

My name is Dror Davidman and I'm a photographer. I am not good with words, or at least not good enough. So, when I see something that moves me, I use the camera to express my feelings.


Infrared Israel

I've toured the country and some places made me stop and think. And enjoy too. There was something special about them. I can't always define it, name it, but that "something" that's in there I try to convey in the photos.


Some say I'm optimistic (others, say "naïve"). The same goes for my work. I try to make the viewer look and find the beauty this country offers. In this series I chose to use an infrared filter and add a different color to life.


One of my favorite places I remember from my childhood is the "Seven Mills" of the Yarkon Park: Nature in the middle of the city, birds, trees and water.

The bridge over the Yarkon. It is a bridge to a legendary land


This curious tree is yards away from the bridge. The intertwining of the current and the tree's roots reminds me of the place's magical aura


Another magical place not far is the National Park at Ramat Gan. A green lung in the center of the metropolis


In the center of the lake there's an old restaurant


The two boats in the photo seem like they protect each other


Down south

These photos were taken during a trip south in search of those special trees that make us wonder if there's something more to them.

This tree reminds me of the biblical burning bush. Shooting it I felt like all the elements around it: the clouds, the rocks and the hill in the background, combined to give the tree center stage in the middle of nowhere

On the way to Beersheba I saw a big tree on top of a hill. I had my friend stand next to it to maximize its magnitude

On that same trip we saw these trees and decided to rest underneath them and see what they had to offer. In the middle of the wilderness I felt the trees were protecting us

Yeruham Park is a place I am not too familiar with but I can say that after lying there shooting birds, I was a part of it


The technique

I shot the photographs using a filter that blocs wavelength smaller than 720 nanometers. The human eye's spectrum is between 400-700 nanometers.


  • Next week: Animal
  • To visit Dror Davidman's website "The world Through My Lens" - click here


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