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MK Nissim Ze'ev
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Shas MK proposes 'rehab centers' for gays

Nissim Ze'ev suggests establishing 'rehabilitation centers' to suppress sexual tendencies of homosexuals, lesbians. ‘These people are dangerous and we must keep an eye on them,’ he says

Shas Knesset Member Nissim Ze'ev on Thursday proposed establishing "rehabilitation centers" to suppress the sexual tendencies of gay people.


“The government should initiate this; these people are dangerous and we must keep an eye on them,” he said as the High Court discussed whether to cancel the Jerusalem gay pride parade due to the firefighters' slow-down strike. “If such a center is built, many of them will flock to it in order to help themselves.


“I am not speaking of a closed institution, but of a center that will accept anyone who walks through its doors,” the MK continued. “We must set up special teams of psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers who will help them return to a normal life, just like in a drug rehabilitation center.”


Ze'ev added that gay people must be made aware of “how their lifestyle is destroying our existence”.


“We propose numerous bills to help barren women become more fertile, but on the other hand we allow this immorality," he said. 


'No one harmed their rights'

Apart from the suggestion to set up the "rehabilitation centers", Ze'ev said he would submit a bill that would ban gay sexual relations if he thought the Knesset would approve it.


According to him, those who would break the law would be obligated to a two-year “rehabilitation period”.


MK Ze'ev dismissed claims by gay groups that the parade was part of their campaign to secure equal civil rights to gays in Israel.


"There exists an aim to enlarge this community… They do not want to protect the rights of a minority. No one harmed their rights … No one told them to get out of the closet or get in it," he said.


Sa'ar Netanel, a member of Jerusalem's Council and the Open House organization, responded to Zeev's comments by saying that, "What we need is institutions to detoxify him and his ilk from their bigotry and ignorance."


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