Eyewitness: Carried on the wings of the imagination

In second installment of this series, Dror Davidman's lens catches graceful winged creatures of Israel. A bird's eye view

As I mentioned in the first part of this series – I try to look at life through a pink lens. I try to convey the beautiful aspects of the country.


Searching for beauty, I took a look at birds – some passing through the land, others in the zoos. Photographing animals, and especially birds, requires a lot of patience but it is worth it. The result highlights the wild unexpected side of the object.


The goal of this selection is to present the shape and the movement of these creatures.

Every year at about the same time, a huge number of merops arrive in Israel. The merop's behavior and colors amaze me. Here's one over a wheat field.


Same merop standing on a stick holding a bee


Strange and beautiful: On the day I spent watching merops in the north, I noticed a pair of merops orientalis that are usually found in the southern parts of Israel


A cormorant drying on a rock in the Yarkon Park. A few minutes later it flew off after dipping in the water.


A young sea eagle playing with its prey


In the zoo

Shooting in zoos is different than shooting in the wild. The technique is indeed simpler as the bird is caged, but it's harder to find something interesting in the situation.


Two (perhaps four) pelicans in the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem


More pelicans in the zoo


The piercing stare of the circaetus gallicus


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