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Hamas-Fatah struggle moves from street to TV

Palestinian rival factions continue war through media as Fatah-run TV station condemns Hamas' 'dark coup' in the Gaza Strip; Hamas' al-Aqsa TV says the organization liberated the Strip from Fatah occupation

Palestinian infighting has moved from the streets to the TV set, as rival factions Fatah and Hamas carry out smear campaigns against each other through their local channels in the West Bank and Gaza.


Hamas has been using its official television station al-Aqsa TV in the Gaza Strip to broadcast documents and tapes allegedly found in the PA's headquarters.


Hamas sources claim that such documents are proof of "corruption, collaboration with Israel and a total lack of morals, including homosexual relations between officials."


The official Palestinian TV station is run by Fatah in the West Bank, and is being used to serve the party's interests and condemn "Hamas' dark coup and the acts of murder and execution that were carried out by the organization."


On the channel's broadcasts Fatah members call the Hamas organization a satellite state controlled by Iran and Syria, saying Hamas men are greedy gold diggers disguised as religious men.


'Hamas liberated Strip from Fatah occupation' 

On Sunday, Hamas' al-Aqsa TV took cameras into the PA security staff's investigation facilities.


The reporter, who visited the facility accompanied by a Hamas operative who was previously held there, described the "disgraceful conditions in which prisoners of the Islamic resistance (Hamas) lived."


In a dramatic tone, the reporter entered interrogation rooms saying, "Here, the best of the Palestinian people and the Hamas movement were tortured."


The program reached its peak when the reporter approached a noose which, according to the report, was supposed to be used to execute two Hamas men from Rafah. The reporter explained that "the execution was prevented when Rafah residents rose up and prevented it."


The Hamas TV station gave emotional descriptions of the torture methods, the emotional and physical stress and the difficult conditions under which "Hamas' Mujahideen" were held.


The program also depicted how Muhammad Dahlan's deputy, Rashid Abu Shbak of Fatah overlooked the oppression of the prisoners and thier protests.


According to al-Aqsa TV, Hamas liberated the Gaza Strip from Fatah occupation in the summer of 2007.


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