Gaydamak. Won't run for Knesset
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Gaydamak to announce new party

Russian billionaire to register new party, Social Justice on Monday, hold founding ceremony Thursday. Gaydamak hopes to get some 20 mandates next elections, stresses he will not contend for Knesset seat

Arcadi Gaydamak has founded a political party, Social Justice, which will run for the Knesset in the next elections. On Monday, Gaydamak will submit the registration forms of the new party under his Hebrew name – Arieh Bar Lev.


The Russian billionaire, who will serve as the new party's chairman, stressed that he planned to run for Jerusalem mayor and will not contend a Knesset seat. He however intends to present "the appropriate candidates" for government positions, including prime minister.


Gaydamak's goal is to win at least 20 mandates. An initial survey commissioned by Gaydamak showed that Social Justice could receive between 17 to 23 Knesset seats.


The party, which already has some 1,400 activists, will hold its first conference in Jerusalem Thursday. Among its more prominent members one can find relatively unknown figures such as Ashkelon deputy mayor Sofa Beilin, Carmiel deputy mayor Rina Greenberg and head of the Mishkei Herut Beitar movement Yaakov Nordzky. The list also contains police and IDF officers.


Gaydamak to decide everything  

The party's charter stipulates that Gaydamak will have the last say on every decision, and that he will appoint the party's Knesset candidates, the candidate for prime minister, the ministers and deputy ministers, and decide whether or not the party will join the coalition.


According to the party's platform, Social Justice will work to preserve Israel's democratic values while striving to promote equality between all its citizens, regardless of their racial background, religious affiliation or gender; protect human dignity and liberty; promote the establishment of an enlightened welfare state while granting direct aid to the weaker sectors; promote the right to vote for Israelis living abroad; act to establish a constitutional court; promote peace between Israel and its neighbors while maintaining Israel's vital interests; work to have minorities integrated in the governmental institutions.


According to the party's representative, attorney David Nerodetzky, Gaydamak decided to found the party following thousands of requests from Israelis from across the country who begged him to do so. When asked whether the party would be affiliated with the Right or Left, he replied, "This is not the issue. We don't have long-term plans. We are a socio-economic party."


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