Fatah militants operating in small groups
Photo: Reuters
Fatah forces infiltrating Gaza
Small units of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades members operating clandestinely in Strip against Hamas forces, in bid to topple new regime
Two months after Hamas' takeover of the Gaza Strip and the consequent escape of Fatah security forces from the area, Fatah units have begun infiltrating the Strip and operating there undercover in a bid to topple the current regime.


Ynet has learned that several groups numbering five to 10 members each, have started operating in Gaza City and the southern Strip, under the name al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades – Samih al-Madhoun Cells. The groups are named after the Brigades' former commander, who was executed by Hamas on the last day of the coup in Gaza.


The unit members have so far planted explosive devices near Hamas' headquarters in Gaza, and blew up a bomb near Hamas loyalists. The Fatah members also carried out several shooting attacks against outposts of Hamas' special security force in the Strip.


While no injuries were reported in any of the attacks, sources in Gaza believe that the units' operations will intensify. The unit members are former officers of Fatah's Preventative Security Force who are being sponsored by several wealthy families affiliated with Fatah.


Hamas is aware of these developments, and has started arresting Fatah activists, as well as increasing operations to seize weapons from Fatah members in Gaza.


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