Givat Or outpost
Photo: Hagit Ofran
Settlers at Givat Haitam
Photo: Hagit Ofran
Peace Now to IDF: Disclose costs of outpost evacuation
Group claims army spending huge amounts of taxpayers’ money on evacuation of illegal outposts in West Bank

Peace Now has recently demanded that the IDF disclose information regarding the costs of the recent evacuation of illegal West Bank settlements set up by right-wing activists, Ynet has learnt.


In a letter sent to Central Command chief Maj-Gen Gadi Shamni, the group’s director-general Yariv Oppenheimer said, “Peace Now has received dozens of eyewitness reports regarding the establishment of illegal outposts by settlers. I am asking that you work toward eradicating this phenomenon and provide the public with information on how much this activity is costing the State.


Oppenheimer told Shamni that during the summer vacation many settler teens not only erect illegal outposts but also harass local Palestinians.


“In other cases the settlers endanger themselves and the soldiers who protect them in violation of criminal law,” the letter read.


Peace Now has claimed that the IDF has invested huge sums of money on the evacuation of settlers from Homesh, Maon, Givat Haitam, Shvut Ami and Givat Haor.


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