Iranian youth at barber shop
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Iran shuts down 20 western barber shops
In continued crackdown against 'immodest' behavior, Iranian police close barber shops offering make up, eyebrow plucking to men

Iranian police closed 20 barber shops in Tehran this week claiming they gave haircuts that were "too western". The authorities explained their decision saying that these shops encouraged un-Islamic behavior.


The British Broadcasting Corporation reported on Friday that the barber shops were closed because they offered western hairstyles, tattoos and even eyebrow-plucking for their male customers.


The hairdressers were closed as part of a special operation that was carried out by the police over the past two weeks in which over 700 barber shops were inspected throughout the capital.


Each year the police carry out their crackdown against what is locally known as 'bad hijab' or anything that goes against Islamic values. This year some 700 Iranian citizens received citations.


The police have sent out a harsh warning to Tehran's barber shops forbidding them to offer their customers western haircuts, make up or eyebrow plucking.


Nonetheless, police have denied reports that they have ordered barbers not to serve customers wearing ties.


First published: 08.24.07, 15:47
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