High Court
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Winograd agrees to warn officials implicated in final report
Commission investigating last summer's war tells High Court it will warn officers, soldiers mentioned in final report
The Winograd commission told the High Court on Tuesday that it would send warning letters to IDF personnel who would be mentioned in its final report.


The commission said however it would not allow a cross-examination of witnesses who testified to command failures during last summer's war with Hizbullah.


The Military Advocate General petitioned the court to commit the Winograd Commission to issuing letters to soldiers and officers linked to the army's poor performance in the war.


The commission will publish its final report on the mishandling of last summer's war in Lebanon after the High Holy Days.


The Winograd Commission was appointed by the government last September to investigate the mishandling of the war. In an interim report release last April the commission faulted Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former Defense Minister Amir Peretz over their mishandling of the war.


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