Sukkah allegedly torched by youth in Haifa
Photo: Amit Magal

Neo-Nazi teen: Ashkenazim an inferior race

Religious teen arrested for spraying swastikas on Haifa synagogue collected Nazi items and was motivated by hate for religious Ashkenazi Jews. 'Sephardi Jews are the superior race,' he wrote

AA youth arrested for spraying swastikas on a Haifa synagogue three days ago believed Sephardi Jews were "a superior race" and was motivated by his hate for religious Ashkenazim.


The religious 19-year-old was arrested on Sunday under suspicion of being behind the recent wave of violence through the city's southern neighborhoods.


Investigators said the youth confessed to vandalizing buildings and cars with graffiti, spelling out hate slogans and swastikas, torching a sukkah, and several counts of assault.


In his investigation, the youth said he hated religious Jews, "who are the real Nazis, thieving and corrupt". He then expressed regret for his actions and claimed he was under the influence of drugs when he committed the crimes.


Police said that a folder found among the teen's possessions contained Nazi pictures and symbols, and articles by Adolf Hitler. On his computer the police found Nazi songs and Marshes he downloaded from the internet, as well as heavy metal music.


The probe further revealed that the youth surfed to dozens of Nazi websites within the past month, looked up information on Hitler, and took part in chat-room discussions about the Nazis.


'European born are inferior'

Poems the teen wrote indicated his hate for Ashkenazi Jews. "Those who came from frozen Europe, which is not mentioned in the Torah, are an inferior race…I'm here to fix the problems that the Reich failed to handle, I have assistance from above… I killed Hitler although he was smart, he made a mistake and now I will come back," he wrote.


Another poem called "Superior Race," read, "He who spoke about the Aryan race was wrong… this is the 2,000s, not the 1940s, they were ignorant and stupid back then.


"The superior race, that is above the Aryan race, is a sublime race whose characteristics are black hair, honey-brown eyes, white skin, at least 1.80 m tall, and he'd better be Jewish, because Sephardi Jews are the superior race."


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