Photo: Niv Calderon
Pants left behind (archives)
Photo: Niv Calderon
Tel Aviv: Burglar caught with his pants down
Planning to break into a house? Don't forget your belt. Young man learns this lesson as owner of apartment he broke into grabbed his pants, causing him to escape in his underwear and leave his identification certificates behind
A 25-year-old burglar from the northern city of Yokneam recently learned that a belt is not only a fashionable item.


The young man broke into a Tel Aviv apartment on Monday, but was met by a determined flat owner who managed to grab his pants. Because he was not wearing a belt, the burglar was forced to flee the scene in his underwear.


On Tuesday he was arrested by the police, who managed to trace him thanks to the identification certificates which were left in the pockets of his trousers.


The embarrassing incident took place on Monday afternoon. A man living on Tel Aviv's Shenkin Street noticed someone entering his apartment and tired to catch him. The burglar managed to release himself from the hands of the tenant, who did not hesitate and grabbed the burglar's pants, leaving him in his underwear.


The flat owner alerted the police and gave them the burglar's trousers, which contained the young man's documents and personal details. Police officers were sent to his house in Yokneam, but he was not there.


On Tuesday the man was caught walking on the same street. He was arrested and according to the police, admitted to the offense and to two additional burglaries on Shenkin Street.


On Wednesday morning, the suspect was brought before the Tel Aviv Magistrates court for a custody hearing.


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