ICZC members in Jerusalem
Photo courtesy of ICZC
Christians march for Israel
500 Christian Zionists take to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem streets in support of Israel against Syrian, Iranian threats

A delegation of 500 Christian Zionists from all over the world held two marches, in Tel Aviv on Monday and Jerusalem on Tuesday, to show their support for Israel in light of the growing threat by Syria and Iran.


The marchers, who arrived in Israel last weekend to celebrate Sukkot with the country’s residents, wore traditional dress and waved their countries flags as they marched through the streets in support of the IDF and Israel’s security forces.

Marching in support of the Golan Heights (Photos courtesy of ICZC)


The delegation was sent on behalf of the International Christian Zionist Center (ICZC), an organization with representatives from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Holland, Nigeria, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, and the Untied States.


During the march, delegation members announced they would continue to stand up to their countries - and their governments – against all expressions of anti-Semitism, or any steps that could endanger the security of Israel.

Against anti-Semitism


According to ICZC Director Jan Willem van der Hoeven, the terror attacks on Israel and the looming threat of another war were what prompted the delegation’s visit.


“We, the 500 delegation representatives, decided to come to Israel this Sukkot – sometimes against the wishes of our governments, families, and friends – in order to say to the Jewish people, ‘Be strong and brave. You are not alone. We stand beside you and believe in you and your right to exist in dignity and security,” van der Hoeven said.


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