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Syria marks 34th anniversary of Yom Kippur War

Syria holds State ceremonies, parades marking anniversary of self-proclaimed 'glorious Arab victory'

Syria is confident it will rule the Golan Heights once again, said an editorial published Saturday in Syria's leading political journal, Al-Baath Daily, controlled by the country's Baath party.


Syria's press dedicated itself to the 34th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, as the country's various publications offered their readers harsh criticisms of Israel, the US and the Annapolis peace conference, scheduled for November.


"The situation the Arabs find themselves in today is not similar to that of 1973, but our leaders and our people still demonstrate the will and determination needed to free our occupied land by any means necessary," wrote Elias Murad, the chief editor of Syria's Al-Baath Daily.


The Tishrin Daily, which is controlled by the Syrian government, said in its editorial: "there will be no real resurrection for the Arabs unless they recapture the glorious spirit of October, which demonstrated our people's courage and willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice.


"Our brave leaders went on to secure the Arab victory and on the 34th anniversary of this glorious Arab war we must pay homage to our deceased leader Hafez al-Assad… what the Arabs need now is not to pine for October's war but to regain its political, military and financial principles," read the article.


Earlier in the week, in an interview with BBC Television, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that "Syria will take back the Golan Heights, we will not relinquish it... The occupied Golan's return to the fatherland is the only way to achieve peace."


Syria held several State ceremonies Saturday marking the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. The Syrian army held parades and opened several military bases to the public.


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