Qased bomb
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Iran says developed new smart bomb

FARS news agency reports Islamic Republic successfully developed optically-guided one-ton bomb called 'Qader,' or 'strength'

The Iranian news agency FARS reported Tuesday that the Islamic Republic has developed a new optically-guided one-ton bomb it has named Qader, which mean strength in Farsi.


According to the regime's mouthpiece, the bomb is considered an upgraded version of the "Qased" bomb, also weighing a ton, which Iran unveiled a month ago. Qased can be deployed by Iran's F-4 and F-5 fighter jets.


FARS said the bomb, which is equipped with a smart guiding system, "is produced by few countries due to the advanced technical know-how required for its production and Iran is the last in the chain of countries which have succeeded in developing the technology".


Qased has been successfully tested by such fighter jets as F4 and F5, the report said, adding that "the Iranian defense ministry has recently launched several other production lines for manufacturing different military tools and arsenals".


Last September Iran showed off a longer-range missile in public for the first time and proclaimed a string of anti-Israel slogans, in a military parade held amid warnings of conflict with the West.


The missile - labeled Ghadr-1 (Power) - was said to be in development by Western experts, but its appearance at the annual military parade to mark the start of Iran's 1980-1988 war with Iraq was its first public showing.


The official announcer at the parade told reporters that the weapon had a range of 1,800 kilometers (1,100 miles), sufficient to put US bases in the Middle East and Iran's arch enemy Israel within reach.


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