One of 350 Qassams
Photo: Amir Cohen

1,000 rockets and mortars fired since Hamas takeover

IDF says number of rockets, mortars fired at Israel since Hamas uprising has increased dramatically; nearly 650 mortar, 250 rocket attacks since June 14

Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have fired 1000 mortar rounds and rockets towards Israel since Hamas took power four months ago, Israeli security officials said Wednesday.


A military official told Ynet that "Hamas-sponsored terror groups are trying to maintain a constant level of terror activity against Israel.


"The use of simple mortar rounds is not considered serious despite the dangers involved. It does not elicit a significant response from the IDF and allows Hamas to continue building up its forces in the Strip," the official continued.


The IDF estimates that approximately 350 Qassam rockets and 650 mortar rounds have been launched at Israel since then.


Most of these were directed at Israeli territory although some were fired at IDF forces operating inside Gaza.


These numbers only represent launches that have been identified and recorded, so the actual number of attacks is likely to be much higher.


Mortar attacks preferred


The mortar seems to be the weapon of choice for Palestinian terrorists. According to a July Ynet report, the IDF recorded 80 mortar attacks and 57 Qassam launchings in the first month after the Hamas takeover.


This trend has continued since then and has reached a rate of around 160 mortar rounds and 80 Qassams landing in Israel each month.


Although a number of Israelis have been injured in mortar attacks, Israel continues to view these attacks as low-profile terror activity.


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